We've Designed and Curated Several Different Virtual Solutions

Our Virtual Training solutions are tailored to fit each clients’ needs and budgets. We’re confident that all organizations can benefit and get a great ROI from our Virtual/Online Learning and Development Solutions.

Gain maximum impact through our comprehensive business-relevant solutions by utilizing our live webinar learning, bite-size digital learning, specialized business performance coaching, and workplace mini-assignments. Find out more here.

Our Blended Learning programs are designed to be an engaging and topic-specific learning experience, specifically customized to support industry-relevant situations and business realities through Live Engagements & Self-Paced e-Learning. Find out more here.

Created to employ bite-sized, topic-focused, and quick-fix approaches in order to create awareness, align challenges, and inspire change. Find out more here.

Complement your Learning & Development strategy with our industry-relevant, self-paced topics. Find out more here.


PowerUpSuccess’ Hyrbid Virtual Training (HVT) model is a High-Impact Talent Development and Skills Enhancement program that combines the best of breed Blending Learning, The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning Methodology, and Interactive IR 4.0 Tools to deliver an integrated learning experience for learners and stronger ROI impact to the business.

The Three Values - Adds of HVT


Gain maximum impact with our comprehensive business-relevant solutions with live webinar learning, bite-size digital learning, specialized business performance coaching, and workplace mini-assignments.


Leverage on the advantages of worry-free learning that goes beyond borders, work-hours interruptions, and in-class/in-person meeting challenges.


Our program goes beyond the one or two-day classroom event in order to enhance learning transfer and improve business results.

Blended Learning


Our solution aims to deliver an engaging and topic-specific learning experience, customized to support industry-relevant situations and business realities. It’s an extremely effective solution for organizations with remote/regionally located teams by facilitating development through time away-from-work challenges.

Live Webinar

Participants attend two (2) sessions (60 mins each) of the live virtual learning experience with our Subject Matter Expert: (Total of 2 Hours)

Online E-Learning

To support the quality of learning, participants are given access to complete a self-paced program to compliment the overall learning journey: (Total of 8 Hours)

Total: 10 Hours (Live Webinars + Online E-Learning)


Engage our experts and tap into their expertise to gain quick insights into our bite-size programs. Topics are highly focused and can be customized/fine-tuned to your organization and team’s real-world challenges. It’s the perfect solution for a quick fix to an immediate skill or will challenge.

Total: 90 Minutes

Online E-Learning

Self Paced

Learners have 24×7 access and the ability to manage their own learning experience.

Industry Relevant

Our topics are professionally curated and are industry-proven. Mini-assignments are here help to deepen takeaways.

Learning Pathway

Learners can opt for a single topic or multiple topics, depending on what their job role calls for.

Success Tracking

Learners and L&D work hand-in-hand to maintain joint accountability for meaningful completion.

Competency Assessment

Checkpoint tests and quizzes are facilitated to validate learning acquisition and readiness.

Topics range from 4 hours to 8 hours in duration

Our titles are available to be deployed in any of the 4 virtual solution formats that suit your needs and budget. Contact us if you need other titles

  • Sales Leadership
  • Personal / Team Leadership
  • Business Skills
  • Service / Others
  • -The DNA of a Sales Superstar
  • -Selling with Passion & Power
  • -Professional Selling Skills
  • -Sales Negotiation Essentials
  • -Sales Speak (Sales Presentation)
  • -Key Account Management
  • -Prospecting with Impact
  • -High Performance Sales Management
  • -Sales Coaching Essentials
  • -Sales Performance Tracking
  • -CRM Empowerment & Lead Generation Strategies
  • -Sales Channel Management Essentials 
  • -Essentials of Personal Mastery
  • -Stress Management Essentials
  • -Influencing Others for Results 
  • -Five Crucial Skills of Managers
  • -Modern Leadership for Modern Times
  • -Transformation EQ Leadership 
  • -Coaching & Empowering Staff
  • -Presenting with Impact
  • -Data Analysis for Business Decision-Making
  • -Problem Solving & Decision-Making
  • -The Art of Negotiation
  • -Strategic Marketing Secrets
  • -Business Writing Skills
  • -Managing & Leading Change
  • -Customer Service Excellence
  • -The C.A.R.E. Customer Centric Culture
  • -Career Management Skills 


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Leverage on our existing online courses or have our experts develop fresh content for your organization. If you have existing programs that you are currently using the in-person class format to deliver, our production team can help to digitalize and repurpose them for online e-Learning use.

Our content production scope of services will include e-Instructional Design, e-Learning Content Production (Voice-over, Video production, Quiz Creation, etc) and uploading to a Learning Management System, or exportable XML file.

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Don’t see a title you are looking on the list? Connect with us to discuss how we can offer similar alternatives for you or to help curate them to meet your requirements.

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