Training Needs Analysis and Instructional Design

Designed, curated, and customized to fit your business situation.

Instructional Design

Successful team leader and business owner leading informal in-house business meeting


Create Impactful Content

Our expertise, resources, and knowledge allow us to provide customizable training that is designed for relevant, internal rollout. That’s why we approach each customer’s needs with a “fresh pair of eyes”. Among one of the most useful and practical services that we offer is in the domain of Instructional Design. A combination of content design, business scenario mapping, and training delivery creation, the value of instructional design is immense.


Training Needs Analysis (TNA)


Seamless Training Needs Alignment

PowerUpSuccess has strong expertise in helping our clients implement structured training needs analysis and assessment in varied industries using our objective measurement tools and proven methodologies.

From traditional organizations to complex, multi-subsidiary, or cross-discipline environments, our consultants are ready to assist HR, L&D, and OD professionals to align critical success factors to essential competencies, in order to map relevant learning interventions that matter the most.

Using a combination of off-line discovery activities, online managerial feedbacks, and team evaluation to establish baseline performance gaps, our TNA tool uses advanced algorithms to map training needs to program offerings that bring the best change and ROI.

Our automated matching software enables the entire TNA alignment process to be seamlessly and effortlessly managed, so that time and money are well spent.

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