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One of our sales consultants discovered that one company was asking its’ Sales Team to sell a product with a very long delivery time. By temporarily emphasizing sales of an alternate product that was immediately available, sales increased by 39% in one month.

This is the kind of results that PowerUpSuccess provides, complemented with hands-on, skills-based sales training with a variety of front-line and management topics. These interactive workshops go beyond theory, providing sales teams with the skills, strategies, and support they need to create long-lasting company change. 

PowerUpSuccess prides itself on providing you with various topics that both enhance and propel you and your sales team to overcome and excel in what you do best.

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While leadership is easy to explain, leadership is not so easy to practise.

Leadership is about behaviour first, skills second. Good leaders are followed chiefly because people trust and respect them, rather than the skills they possess.

Leadership is very different to management. Management relies more on planning, organisational and communications skills. Leadership relies on management skills too, but more so on qualities such as integrity, honesty, humility, courage, commitment, sincerity, passion, confidence, positivity, wisdom, determination, compassion and sensitivity. Some people are born more naturally to leadership than others. Most people don’t seek to be a leader. Those who want to be a leader can develop leadership ability.

Successful team leader and business owner leading informal in-house business meeting
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When customer service first started out no one knew that from that simple help offered at a desk at the back of a department store would evolve into today’s hyper-connected world. Customer service is now more than just having the Helpdesk answer your questions when you call in to ask for assistance.

Customer service has then grown to encompass every interaction that a customer has with a brand be it physically in person or digitally through the Internet. Good customer service happens before, during, and after a sale.

We believe in helping you to create and foster an environment where you can build extraordinary customer service for your clients. PowerUpSuccess believes that if your workers know how to maximize their strengths, it will boost and improve your current customer service offered.

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Hospitality professionals and managers are faced with the daily daunting tasks of generating demands, making key decisions in setting the appropriate occupancy and rates, as well as maximizing and optimizing the total revenue while delivering exceptional service experience in gaining customer loyalty for their respective hotels or resorts. The ability to integrate the right people, right processes, and right tools will contribute significantly to the increase in performance, productivity, and profitability.

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Einstein once said that “creativity is intelligence having fun”. For today’s competitive business environment, the words “knowledge”, “creativity”, and “innovation” have become the main drivers of a country’s economic growth. Creativity is the fuel for innovation that sparks productivity and motivation, while being simultaneously responsible for helping industries gain a competitive advantage.

As fun as it sounds, it’s easier said than done. Most companies would rather remain with a more conventional business strategy, rather than choose to explore and challenge their current mindsets. This is where they might find themselves lagging and running a slow race against a rising generation of millennials, who are bred from an environment that challenges them to be creative.

PowerUpSuccess believes that the ability to create and to generate ideas lies within every individual. Imagine the impact and progression when your workers start to think out of the box and challenge themselves to be creative in their daily work? It’s a sure recipe for success!

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Business Skills

In the ever evolving digital age that surrounds us with gadgets, social media, and visual stimulation, business success becomes even more elusive as we are so distracted by the sights and sounds around us. However, there are these basic business skills that haven’t gone away during this new normal—in fact, they have only become more vital for our businesses to thrive and succeed.

Thankfully, PowerUpSuccess has always been supportive of continuous advancement and tried-and-true practices that demonstrate how important it is to develop entrepreneurial skills. 

Business people day at modern business office
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Digital Marketing

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.” – Tom Fisburne

Great marketing means that your team needs to be equipped with the proper knowledge, platform, and expertise in order to ensure that your marketing goals line up with your sales and business goals.

We recognize the importance of possessing a well-thought out digital marketing strategy and we aim to assist you in improving your marketing strategies and methods so that you may continue to expand your customer base, extend your reach to new audiences, and generate the right MQLs. Meet your KPIs and get impactful ROI with us today. 

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“Communication works for those who work at it.”–– John Powell

While it’s important to possess grit, determination, and pertinacity, it’s not going to propel your business further if your team doesn’t have the art of communication down.

The art of communication, in order for it be fully successful, needs to be able to accurately convey ideas, suggestions, and advice. We believe that being a good communicator means that your customers and employees understand you, trust you, and believe in what you say. 

Serious Asian lady talking to business partner in cafe

Team Building

Our Experiential Leadership, Motivation & Team Building courses are one of the most popular methods of building strong teams and developing successful and empowered employees. Our approach to team building is bottom-up, we do not give you a menu of what we have but we start with what you need. As we understand your needs, our team will craft the experiential activities to meet your objectives.

From our experiences, we recognize the importance of individual’s attitude, which essentially contribute to the team’s performance. Therefore, through our activities and the skillful debriefing from our experience trainers, we will unleash and bring out the best of each individual for the betterment of the team. We have developed the course syllabus to highlight wide ranging leadership issues, building synergy, pulling together, communication, approaching change, getting to know each other, reducing conflict, turnover, setting and achieving targets and corporate goals.

Key Objectives

The goal is to achieve improvement in the way staff view and do their jobs. This brings about the productivity improvement benefit that all organizations desire. Our aim is to inspire action that improves the way the organization operates and the way staffs interact.

Delegates find our workshops challenging, exciting, thought provoking, empowering and rewarding.

Ultimately they leave a workshop with an enthusiastic fresh perspective on:

Their Roles

Each employee plays an important role in the overall success of an organization. They can make an impactful difference in their teams, their departments, and for the business bottom line.

Their Work

Employees need to see that there is merit to constantly improving their organization's process; that they need to develop core skills; that they have to be able to identify problems and solve them succinctly; in order for them to realize that their work is important for the overall success of the organization.

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