Sales Training

One of our sales consultants discovered that one company was asking its’ Sales Team to sell a product with a very long delivery time. By temporarily emphasizing sales of an alternate product that was immediately available, sales increased by 39% in one month.

This is the kind of results that PowerUpSuccess provides, complemented with hands-on, skills-based sales training with a variety of front-line and management topics. These interactive workshops go beyond theory, providing sales teams with the skills, strategies and support they need to create long-lasting company change.

Handling Objections

“I hate selling!”
“I can do business development, marketing or even presentations, but don’t ask me to do any selling!”
“I don’t like handling any objections from customers.”

Sound familiar? Most of us get stumped, shy away from the moving forward or fall into the trap over-explaining of ourselves, when faced with objections from our customers during the sales process. Not being able to provide an apt response to objections, will definitely affect our credibility and result in the customer losing confidence in us.

Our explaining ourselves can actually be more counter-productive to the deal, the brand and the essence of what you are trying to achieve. Can you just imagine the dilemma you are in? Objections are tests, tests of sincerity, commitment and confidence. Just like fire to gold, which comes out purer, more perfect and glamorous than ever before.

Objections are truly from heaven! They allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, opening up the opportunity to close the sale quickly and influence the customer’s commitment of on-going loyalty to you. You will learn and master the art of handling objections, leveraging on the exclusive influential principles of The Sales Psychologist and stop using “trial & error methods” in trying to understand, convince and win over your customer.

The journey taken in this particular workshop will bring you through key milestones of bullet-proof principles to enjoying quicker results, more profitable sales, stronger customer relationship and maximum confidence in your everyday endeavors.

Who Should Attend

Sales Professionals,Sales Leaders,Sales Agents, Marketing Professionals, Business Development, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, And anyone who needs to sell products, services, ideas, opinions directly or indirectly to win more customers, business and credibility.

Hiring Sales Superstars

Hiring the right Salesperson is perhaps one of the most critical tasks that any sales leader, recruiter or business owner has to manage.

Find and position the suitable candidate in place; and your business will skyrocket. Hire the wrong one, and you might as well throw thousands of dollars into the drain, to say the least.

Imagine the opportunity cost loss, the hours of unproductive coaching & monitoring and perhaps the worst, your “sanity” in trying to squeeze real performance from those who may never improve. When it comes to hiring your Sales People, the cost of failure is simply unfathomable.

There’s no better way to provide direction on reducing that risk than the key principles shared in this program.

Who Should Attend

Sales Leaders, Managers, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs or Anyone whose success and key responsibilities depend on hiring, developing and managing the right sales teams.
  • – Develop key skills to select the right candidate through sales competency- based interview techniques
  • -Discover out how to differentiate non-performers from mediocre performers and from mediocre performers to Super Stars.
  • – Learn how differentiate the real “Super Star” from the fake
  • – Acquire foundational understanding of a candidate’s core behavior, motivational drive and situational tendencies
  • – Discover how to spot key behavioral patterns that influence future performance
  • – Learn how to assess not only what a candidate can offer your company, but what your company can offer a candidate.
  • – Follow a systematic interviewing guide – focused on quality selection efforts
  • – The Psychology Of Top Sales Performers
  • – The “Perfect” Talent Selection Model
  • – Effective Hiring & Interviewing Process For Selecting Top Performers
  • – The Sales Candidate Assessment System
  • – The Professional Sales Leader’s Interview Kit
  • – Industry Case Studies
  • – Practice & Application Sessions

Jump Start Selling

Jump-Start-Selling™  is for those entering a career in sales for the first time or has not attended any formal sales training before. The content focuses on basic sales formula and skills. To be successful, today’s salesperson must be very well organized, know how to plan a strategy for success, know what to do before, during, and after the face-to-face meeting with the prospect or customer.

A professional salesperson, just like other professionals like a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant, must have some strong basic beliefs about one’s profession. These beliefs must form a personal selling philosophy and conviction that during good times or bad times, great times or tough times, will provide purpose and direction to the professional salesperson’s daily work performance and achieve the desired sales results.

This is the perfect prelude for organizations wanting to jump-start their new sales recruits. This workshop is specially designed to help you prep your newly hired and promoted candidates to be hungry, passionate and competent sales professionals as you aspire them to be. This is especially useful to complement your organization’s mandatory sales product and on-the-job training

Who Should Attend:

Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders, Sales Agents, Entrepreneurs, Business Development Professionals, Business Owners and Anyone who needs to sell directly or indirectly to achieve bottom-line results.

  • – Enjoy a high impact and interactive engagement with live cold calling sessions and practical coaching by Raymond Phoon.
  • – Jump Start real time role-play to overcome the fear of rejection
  • – Customized sales success action planning and sales situational engagement templates for immediate sales results

Key Account Management

Winning, keeping and nurturing clients is core to any organization’s survival. Not just any client, but the right key clients. Key clients are accounts that contribute the main bulk of the business.

They are responsible for generating the needed volume, margin and market share to grow the business and provide clarity to business planning and forecasting. Not only are they crucial to your bottom-line, but they are also the main “targets” of your competitors.

There’s no better way to protect your prized customers than to utilize the strategies of Key Account Management.

Managing multi-layered relationships, developing strategic engagement plans and influencing the decision making process as well as the order size of your key accounts are critical skills that corporate or key account managers must embrace and excel in.

This two-day program will help account managers, business development professionals and corporate sales managers to acquire the necessary skills by providing the appropriate toolkit and best practices in developing, managing, influencing and growing the key accounts.

Who Should Attend:

Account managers, Strategic Account Managers, Sales Consultants, Sales Directors, Business Development Professionals and/or management personnel involved in Key Accounts Management.

  • Participants will learn the following:

    • -Acquire the necessary skills to be an effective and influential key account manager
    • -Correctly define & identify what is a key account and how to map historical trends to future opportunities
    • -Develop tactical plans to defend and protect key accounts from competitive threats
    • -Build relationship and network with the appropriate influencers, decisions makers, recommenders in key accounts in order to manage and grow the account
    • -Deploy “ambassadorship” connections and navigate the key account to expand market share and clout
    • -Complete specific client account plans that map business landscape, share of wallet, market analysis, organizational / political sentiments, upcoming trends and action insights
  • – What is Key Account Management
  • – Key roles and responsibilities of a Key Account Manager
  • – Defining a Key Account
  • – Understanding the client’s business requirements
  • – Analysis of how the account positions us as a supplier
  • – Networking & Influencing the account
  • – Managing team focus and maintaining good communications
  • – Developing the client account plan

Professional Selling Skills

Customer sophistication … fierce competition … commoditization … price obsession … complex sales cycles … globalization … changes in buying behaviors. Even in the face of these challenges, new sales opportunities are pursued and won.

To capitalize on these possibilities, a salesperson must have superior selling skills – skills that build customer trust and differentiate you from your competitors. When you have these skills, they really set you apart from the pack and puts you in front of the line.

Once an experienced salesperson has shown they can distinguish between selling to clients and managing that account professionally, then they should attend this course to fully explore the strategic value of developing key accounts.

One will definitely leave with a very different perspective on key account management and a better understanding of strategic sales planning.

Who Should Attend

Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders, Sales Agents, Business Development Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and anyone who needs to sell directly or indirectly to get achieve bottom-line results

A successful participant of this course will be able to:

– Discover how to behave and what to do as Professionals in the Sales Role

– Learn how and when to apply appropriate approach in a variety of sales situation

– Set a positive and productive tone for the sales call

– Describe their products and their organization in ways that are meaningful and compelling to the customer

– Base-lining Expectations & Focus

– Value Proposition Selling

– L.E.N.D. Process & Approach to Selling

– Key fundamentals of Sales & Marketing

– Business Etiquette of a Sales Professional: 1st impression & more

– X-Factoring of your Brand

– Principles of 4UP Innovation

– Needs Management

– Asking Power Questions

– Overcoming Objections / Sales Mountain

– Power Closing

– Bullet Proofing your Brand

Sales Coaching

Research shows that nearly 90% of organizations today will train sales managers to improve their coaching skills as they realize the powerful link between effective sales coaching and better sales performance. The organizations which have put in efforts to develop coaching skills of sales managers have experienced dramatic improvements in their top-line revenue growth, margin enhancement, conversion rates, sales forecast accuracy, increased sales rep retention and their engagement level.

PowerUp Success’ Sales Coaching training provides hands-on, skills-based sales training on variety of front-line and management topics. The interactive workshop goes beyond theory, providing sales teams with the skills, strategies and support they need to create long-lasting, company change.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for sales leaders at all levels who are responsible for sales management development and coaching quality with the objective to increase their team’s overall performance, productivity and profitability.

– Build a high performance sales team through coaching.

– Establish and integrate coaching competencies into your sales management profile.

– Develop a work plan for implementing and/or optimizing a comprehensive sales coaching initiative.

– Keep your team motivated and productive with PowerUp Success effective coaching aides and management tools that facilitate impactful coaching interactions .

– Attract and retain the right salespeople.

  • – The Sales Manager as Coach
  • – Coaching verse Managing
  • – Coaching System Overview
  • – Dealing with Sub-Par Performers
  • – Coaching Meetings and Forms
  • – Leadership and Style
  • – Management and Standards
  • – Recruiting and Team Building
  • – Training and Development
  • – Planning and Forecasting
  • – Reporting Systems
  • – Motivation and Accountability

Sales Negotiation

In today’s competitive market, decision makers are becoming more sophisticated as they seek to manage the buying process to drive the best possible deal. Assertive buying strategies and competitive forces present a significant threat to sales revenues and profit margins.

Hence, business today is one big negotiation. We spend a good part of our day negotiating with customers, co-workers, our bosses, other departments, customers, suppliers, and salespeople.

Today, we need to have strategic sales negotiation skill more than ever to survive in the ever-competitive business environment. Using these powerful skills, problems get solved collaboratively yielding results that are optimal for everyone involved. Because everyone is a winner the relationships are not only preserved, they are enhanced.

This two-day interactive program aims to ensure that you are ever prepared for negotiation, and achieve the best possible outcomes and relationships.

Who Should Attend

Executives, Managers, Salespeople, Finance & Support teams, and anyone who needs to negotiate to get to results.

– Construct a value proposition that works with your customers

– Sell a “solution”, as opposed to “a standard product”

– Control the selling process-knowing what is going to happen next

– Differentiate yourself from your competition

– Better manage customer expectations (How to keep your customers happy)

– Apply win-win negotiating techniques and strategies

– Deal with “No’s” and Stalls

– Identify and eliminate potential problems early in the sales process

– Create a process of mutual consent

– Deal with confrontational, demanding and and/or irate customers

– Change a customer’s negative perception

– To leverage on the power of effective upsell and suggestive selling

– Mastering the Buying and Selling Process

– How to Capitalize on the Dynamics of Human Relations

– How to Get Real Commitment and Buy-in

– Qualify and Clarify Problems, Priorities, Authority and Investment to Seek a Better Solution for Your Customer

– Negotiating for Mutually Beneficial Outcomes

– Communication Strategies and Tactics to Use in Persuasion

Sales Speak

In the modern business world, excellent presentation skills will add a credible dimension to the leader-follower or customer-client relationship. Talented presenters not only carry a group or audience but also positively influence them.

Our advanced sales presentation skills course gives you a platform to demonstrate your leadership qualities, communication skills, sales ability, influence and promotion potential. Our objective is to teach you proven skills and techniques that will enable you to perform at an advanced level. We will be giving action points to sharpen your image; maximize your message and increase your credibility in the eyes of colleagues and clients.

The journey taken in this workshop will bring you through key milestones of powerful principles to enjoying quicker results, delivering action-driven presentations, more business and greater confidence in your everyday endeavors.

Who Should Attend

Sales Executives, Sales Managers, Pre-Sales Professionals and anyone who needs to sell their solutions and sell value to clients instead of just selling transactions, features, and benefits.

  • At the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  • – Stimulate and master your audience.

– Have a vibrant style and be able to captivate the attention of everyone in the room easily.

– Achieve the breakthrough results you want from your sales presentations.

– Have your audience remember all your key messages long after your presentation.

– Eliminate your own inhibitors to delivering the ‘Maximum Impact’ presentation.

– Explain the complexities of your subject (a) in layman’s terms and (b) in a way that retains interest

– Be the best sales presenter at a sales meeting / pitch / tender

– Principles of effective audience engagement, activation & reflection

– C-Suite & Senior Leadership Presentation Language

– Building a Professional Sales Presenter’s Toolbox

– How to deliver a high impact sales presentations

– Application of High-impact sales presentations relevant to your marketplace

Selling with Passion & Power

What is the one thing that can make all the difference in selling? You have an excellent product, a responsive territory and a great marketing campaign, but, without this key ingredient, you are unlikely to make the sale. The missing ingredient is passion.

Selling is all about passion, believing 150% in what you’re offering, and demonstrating that in every way and at every occasion. When you fail to whole-heartedly believe in what you’re selling, there’s no way you’ll be successful long-term. Add to the mix the uncertainty of the economy and it becomes essential for people to be passionate.

You will learn how to bring creativity, enthusiasm and passion to the job of selling. Selling with Passion & Power will motivate your sales people – and more importantly, it will give your salespeople a solid foundation to succeed.

Who Should Attend

Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders, Sales Agents, Business Development Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and anyone who needs to sell directly or indirectly to get achieve bottom-line results.

– Steps to staying motivated and focused.

– Quick techniques you can implement right away to close sales now!

– Tips to improving your closing ratio.

– Proven ideas to build your sales pipeline.

– Mastering the art of maximizing your profit.

– The DNA of Sales Superstars concept & The Power of an ideal Sales Identity

– Foundation of your Sales Intelligence

– The Emotional Needs of Sales People

– Implication of your emotional needs on your ideal Identity

– Breaking down mediocre habits and pillars of personal sales deficiencies

– Demystifying the Core Value System of Sales Professionals

– Re-aligning core values to the ideal Sales Identity

– The anatomy of Sales Winners

– Five essential competencies of Sales Superstars

– Brand differentiation in every Salesperson

– Influential Communication that get (and keep) your customers time and attention

– Crafting a dynamic value proposition that motivates your customer to buy – Now!

– Key lessons from Raymond’s most recent book :- Sales Success Strategies for Sales Professionals, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

The DNA of a Sales Superstar

Knowing yourself is the first and most important thing that every Salesperson must undergo in order to discover their inner self, their natural disposition and their innate potential. When a Salesperson knows who they are – their core value system and behavioral tendencies, and clearly understands what they want – their key motivational drives, then they have a much better chance of discovering how to reach their own success, happiness and personal fulfilment.

This not only fills us with much happiness, bliss and calmness but also improves our mindset, our focus, as well as our relationships and ability to connect with others; helping us sell better, faster and more profitable.

All successful organizations need everyone to be “selling” and be a core part of the selling process. It doesn’t matter whether the individual is part of customer support, operations, finance or otherwise. Everyone in any successful organizations need to learn to sell. Be it products, service, support or brand mind share.

Who Should Attend

Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders, Business Development Professionals, Sales Agents, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and anyone who needs to sell directly or indirectly to achieve bottom-line results.

Voted the #1 Sales Training Program in Asia by over 3,000 participants from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand & Saudi!

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