Mystery Shopping

Two happy young women walking in shopping mall with shopping bags

Mystery Shopping is a great tool to measure quality of retail service or gather specific information about products and services. Mystery shopping enables you to know what works and what are the areas of improvement. Utilizing this knowledge to inspire and excite your team to sell better and give great service will lead to increased hit rates and closures.

We seek to aid any client in helping them understand the real situation on the ground by being the eyes and ears on their behalf. We will have our undercover team pay surprise visits to the designated location advised by the client to perform specific tasks such as:

  • Asking questions about the product/ services to test their product knowledge
  • Giving objections to evaluate how well they handle objections
  • Going through the entire selling process to evaluate on their selling approach and skills
  • Evaluate how they connect with the customers
  • Observation from afar

After the initial mystery shopping is completed, we will compile the evaluation and provide a detailed report on the buying experience, which include the strengths and the gaps as well as recommendation to move forward.