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Our Team is fully equipped with the relevant skills, knowledge, and expertise to help specific industries achieve their business needs and goals through tailored training programs built for their industry.


It’s apparent to most that buying a vehicle is exponentially different from buying a book or a pair of shoes. The decision-making process can be a long one, as each customer is on a different level of their buyer journey. One customer may be simply interested in a vehicle, while another has just decided to purchase a vehicle. As such, those in the Automotive industry need to handle and overcome the challenge of providing a professionally standardized and enjoyable buying experience for a customer, while maintaining customer relations and closing the deal.

As far as the customer concerned, their experience with the vendor focuses on three main key stages, they are:

Service Before Sales

Service After Sales

After-Sales Service

Three Success Factors of Our Program

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Based on Industry Best Practices + Customizable for Each Client
Every detail of the 7 Steps selling process can be customized based on our Automobile Client’s Core Values and Brand Promises. Apart from covering the what-to-do and the how-to-do, the program also designed to take into consideration of the impact of customer’s buying psychology and emotions.

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Proven and Tested
The process is not new. It has been proven and tested in major Automobile Brands across the world. What is new is PowerUp Success ability to combine the best industry practice with PowerUp Success Selling Principles that is relevant to the local marketplace’ culture and convention, making it unique in its delivery.As a result, the ideas and tips shared in the program had been proven to work regardless of the Sales Person’s experience in the industry.

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Practical and Actionable
The Selling Process is design to be simple to implement and realistic to execute. The ideas participants learn in the workshop can be implemented immediately the next day when they return to their branches.The objective is to empower Sales Person to embrace the 7-Step Selling Process as part of their daily habit, so that it becomes natural to them.


In the FMCG industry, where customers typically tend to consist of large MNCs with extensive negotiation power and expansive on a global scale, the talent shortage of Sales Professionals are critical.

FMCG Sales Development Series by Catalyst Agents and PowerUpSuccess

The FMCG Sales Development series is designed to start from a basic level of one-on-one selling, before progressing to higher levels of difficulty in selling and negotiating with multiple stakeholders. It all culminates during Level 4––which focuses Sales Team Management––where the biggest challenge that great Sales Professionals normally face stem from the expectation of leading teams vs achieving sales targets on their own. Furthermore, each level is designed to build on the former.  

Designed to build FMCG Sales Competencies through an Applied Learning Experience.

We understand the business situation and work with key stakeholders prior to training to pick real-life business and people management scenarios for discussions during training.

We ensure participants have the opportunity to practise the concepts learned and apply to the real life scenarios they are facing during workshops designed into the training.

We are able to develop customized tools/processes and continue to coach participants in their application to ensure sustainability, post-training.


In the FMCG industry, where customers are mostly huge MNCs with large negotiation power and global scale, the talent shortage of sales professionals become more acute where sales professionals need to be able to:

– Understand the complex and demanding requirements of their MNC customers

– Define the joint value creation that is win win for both parties

– Convincingly communicate joint value propositions

– Leverage innovative problem solving skills to move customers from holding fixed and opposing positions to focus on areas of joint interests in tough negotiations

– Keep multiple Key Decision Makers engaged at every level.

The rapid rate at which technology is advancing places further pressure on this sales talent shortage as sales professionals are not able to evolve and re-learn fast enough to remain relevant.


Financial Services

Banking and financial management
Significant new trends continue to reshape the Financial Services industry. The escalation of globalization process, the advancement of technology, the consequences of the global financial, and economic crisis have poised some key challenges to the Human Capital Development in Malaysia.
As a result, there is a shortage of talented Sales Professionals that are able to meet the current needs of demanding consumers.
Sales Professionals, in general, are faced with having too many products to sell. Moreover, many products are often similar to their competitors; therefore, it’s difficult to differentiate how their product is superior while handling customer objections effectively.
Many Sales Professionals lack the insight and skills to sell through consultation. The current pool of salespeople are used to pushing to close the deal, rather than close through a consultation approach.
Many managers often find it difficult to lead and retain the younger generation of employees due to being accustomed to using the old management style. However, managers now need to utilize a new approach when it comes to leading the Y and Z generation employees in order to achieve greater meaning and results in their work.
Business management and finance

The current demands require sales professionals to:

Be able to consult and offer advise in helping them to select the right product that meet their needs.

Be able to present a compelling presentation of products and services offered in a professional way.

Have the knowledge of marketing concept to help position and differentiate the products and services when performing the selling process.

Success Factors of Our Customizable Program​

Leaders in the organization at the same time are expected to change their style to coach rather than command the team for results.

Success belongs to the organization that is ready to invest in their leaders and the people. We would like to partner with you in the learning and development journey to elevate your people to a whole new level of performance, productivity and profitability.

– Essential Selling Skills for Direct Sales Teams

– The DNA of a Sales Superstar for Consumer Sales Executives

– Sales speak for impactful sales presentation

– Practical Selling Skills for Direct Sales

– Telesales Mastery for Inbound sales

– Gap analysis through mystery shopping for front line sales

– Selling with Passion & Power

– Customer Relationship Management

– Sales Coaching & Management Essentials

– Hiring A Sales Superstar


Hospitality professionals and managers are faced with the daily daunting tasks of generating demands, making key decisions in setting the appropriate occupancy and rates, as well as maximizing and optimizing the total revenue while delivering exceptional service experience in gaining customer loyalty for their respective hotels or resorts. The ability to integrate the right people, right processes, and right tools will contribute significantly to the increase in performance, productivity, and profitability.

Hoteliers should look closely to find spots where budgets can be made more efficient and the property’s food-and-beverage operation is one place to start. The idea of “doing more with less” requires managers to operate in a creative manner about ways to operate more effectively (in other words to “do the right things in the right way”) and to examine possibilities for cost savings that will not affect the guest’s perception of brand value and experience.

Talent and People development continues to be a challenge in the hospitality industry however organizations that has made a strategic decision to invest in equipping their associates are now reaping the rewards with more sales, better revenue, higher profitability, and exceptional service experiences.

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Success Factors of Our Hospitality Talent Development Series

  • Revenue and Profit Optimization
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • - Guest Satisfaction Index
  • - Cost Competitiveness
  • - Market Share Index
  • - Association Satisfaction Index
  • - Finance Optimization
  • - Revenue Optimization
  • - Fundamental of Revenue Management
  • - Strategic Revenue Management
  • - Hospitality Finance for Non Finance Manager
  • - Hospitality Sales Presentation
  • - Influential Leadership
  • - Hospitality Negotiation for Success
  • - Creativity and Innovation
  • - Hospitality Sales & Service Mastery
  • - Fundamental of Revenue Management
  • - Strategic Revenue Management (leaders)
  • - Hospitality Finance for Non Finance Manager
  • - Hospitality Sales Presentation
  • - High Performance Coaching
  • - Hospitality Sales Negotiation
  • - Fundamental of Revenue Management
  • - Effective Credit Control And Analysis
  • - Procurement Management
  • - Igniting Creative Revolution at Work
  • - Foundation of Leadership
  • - Food & Beverage Cost And Profitability Program
  • - Fundamental of Revenue Management
  • - Hospitality Finance for Non Finance Manager
  • - Customer Service Excellence
  • - High Performance Coaching
  • - Igniting Creative Revolution @ Work
  • - Hospitality Sales Presentation

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