Customer Service Skills

When customer service first started out no one knew that from that simple help offered at a desk at the back of a department store would evolve into today’s hyper-connected world.  Customer service is now more than just having the Helpdesk answer your questions when you call in to ask for assistance.

Customer service has then grown to encompass every interaction that a customer has with a brand be it physically in person or digitally through the Internet. Good customer service happens before, during, and after a sale.

We believe in helping you to create and foster an environment where you can build extraordinary customer service for your clients. PowerUpSuccess believes that if your workers know how to maximize their strengths, it will boost and improve your current customer service offered.

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Hiring Sales Superstar

Like it or not, competitions and new comers are “eating” into your market share everyday, and every minute. To stay ahead of the competition it is no longer the product that matters, it is the “SERVICE” that makes a difference and will continue to bring you repeat business if you are offering what your competitors don’t. If you want to be the one who “eat” into other people’s market share and improve your business with leaps and bounds, be it from the Hospitality, Retail or Service-Driven businesses, you will benefit from this highly interactive 2-Days training workshop which shows you the ways and means to make an Impactful SERVICE Difference that will not only Win, but Retain the customers from your competitors. Come learn and experience how power principles like Serve it Forward, Making the Impossible, Possible!, Memorable Experiences Stay and many others can be incorporated and made part of your service culture.

Who Should Attend

  • The workshop is full of ‘Service Ideas’ to embrace the principle of ‘Serving It Forward-The Art of Hospitality’, and in coaching your team members in all levels in the organization in doing the “right” things to creating memorable experiences.
  • – Uplift your service level from just greeting and thanking.
  • – Stand out and above the competitions with creative service ideas.
  • – Rejuvenate your team service culture with useful tips and tools.
  • – Speak in “customer perspective” and win their hearts.
  • – Understand how your own behaviour impacts on the behaviour of others.
  • – Communicate more assertively and effectively.
  • – Convert the complaint/ difficult customers to become your regular customer.
  • – Develop more confidence and skills as a problem-solver.
  • – Ability to see what others don’t see and to create an impactful service difference.
  • – Learn ways to make customer service a team approach.
  • – Create innovative ways to build an extraordinary customer service environment.
  • – Motivate employees to perform and be engaged in exceeding customer needs.
  • – Become more effective in managing, dealing and exceeding customers’ expectations.
  • – Convert the complaint/ difficult customers into new business opportunities.
  • – Build opportunities within the scope of your authority for dealing effectively with others.
  • – Identify the criteria for fair and responsible response to all customers.
  • – Suspend your frame of reference and communicate more effectively.
  • – Learn what kind of leader you are and how to maximize your strengths.
  • – Develop strategies for a leading service management system.
  • – Leverage of the decision maker psychological mindset to deliver effectively.

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