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Raymond Phoon

CEO, Master Sales Trainer, Sales Psychologist, International Keynote Speaker, and Author

Raymond Phoon is an Author, International Keynote Speaker, and Business Transformation Expert with an extensive background in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership, and business within the Technology, Financial Services, FMCG industries across the globe.

He is the CEO & founder of the PowerUpSuccess Group and is recognized as one of Asia’s leading Sales & Leadership trainer.

Over the two decades, he has traveled to countless cities spearheading business improvement, developing professionals and inspiring transformational growth in leading Fortune 500 organizations.

Raymond is also an accomplished Certified Virtual Presenter, with over 10 years of experience in delivering online engagements.

Awarded as among the top 15% accredited speakers in the world, Raymond is a regular feature at business conventions, world-class forums, business shows and industry publications, as well as a decorated business coach to many Fortune 500 organizations. Utilizing cutting edge sales optimization solutions, he works with professionals and market leading organizations to develop bulletproof strategies that drive breakthrough results


Christina Gill

Professional Trainer & Coach

Christina’s professional strengths are Image building and perception management, customer service skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills, body language and team building.

Christina is highly passionate and enthusiastic in what she does. That is, with her 23 years of experience in coaching/facilitating customer service and hospitality teams. Throughout her years in the industry, she has proved her competence in managing challenging customers internationally.

Moreover, Christina’s led and coached a dynamic multicultural team to deliver “Malaysian Hospitality’ in a consistent style at all customer service touchpoints.

With a specialization in Emotional Intelligence, Christina has led modules that empower those who work in the service industry. In MAS’ “Grooming and Impact” programme, she trained aspiring flight attendants on delivering a memorable experience to each guest onboard MAS carriers.

She also led MAS and Firefly frontline staff to “Go Beyond Yourself” – with an impressive EQ module that focuses on Self Awareness and Social Intelligence in the service industry. Similarly, she developed a remarkable module focused on the importance of having “Social Intelligence” as a service provider.

Francis Chin

Sales Coach, Speaker, Performance Trainer & Author 

Francis has accumulated more than 20 years of business experience in multiple industries, including innovative business startups. Since then, he has helped businesses achieve success in Leadership, Sales, Marketing and Business Transformation.

His credentials include a Diploma in Hotel Management from the reputable Les Roches Swiss Hotel Management School, a Masters Degree in Economics from Heriot-WaO University and a Diploma in Computer Science from APITT. These make Francis a hands-on and practical person with a dynamic, confident and result-orientated disposition.

As a corporate employee and entrepreneur, Francis has proven his salesmanship in ideation, solution persuasion or closing sales.

In short, he has the unique ability to influence others towards win-win results. Due to his unique exposure, Francis is different from many other trainers or coaches. He can empathize with employee’s and business owner’s perspective in any commercial situation. As a result, his engagement and solutions are highly relevant and add tremendous value to his clients.

Aaron Lee

Certified Trainer & Facilitator

Aaron is one of the most dynamic trainer, speaker and coach in the training industry. He has over 15 years of training and coaching experiences ranging from small startup companies to large MNCs.

With his strong language skills, solid education background and need for continuous learning, he can manage and reach people from all levels. He maintains current knowledge with his eagerness to learn, has a dynamic speaking ability with a humorous approach, and loves to be challenged by his participants.

Aaron believes learning is most effective when people are at ease, curious, and discover that they are seizing new opportunities. He has worked with over 700 companies and coaches 10,000 people annually.

Joyce Simson

Certified Trainer, Facilitator & Executive Coach

Joyce is an experienced professional trainer/facilitator and a certified executive coach. She has a background in instructional design, curriculum development, Organisational Development, Human Capital Development, and Program Design functions. Her extensive experience, paired with hands-on knowledge, makes her the competent coach she is today.

She is a highly articulate, confident and persuasive speaker. Joyce’s strength lies in inspiring individuals to achieve exceptional business performance. Joyce is a self-motivated leader committed to motivating individuals to exceed professional and personal expectations. 

In February 2017, Joyce received the Best Global Training and Development Leadership Award awarded by the World HRD Congress. She received it due to the recognition of the strategic and iconic position held in the fraternity. Moreover, professionals across the globe also shortlisted her in recognition of her contribution towards learning and development. They presented the award in Taj Land Ends, Mumbai, India.

The Canadian Council of Professional Certification also accredits her as a qualified solution-focused performance coach. Above all, Joyce is highly engaging and inspiring towards those she coaches, helping professionals excel at work and productivity. 

Mary-Ann Chew

Professional Educator

May-Ann’s determined pursuit is to build skilled, creative and resourceful professionals to meet the future workforce’s demands. She is known for engaging and motivating participants to embrace change and strive for personal and organizational excellence.

May-Ann has a Master of Education from Australia, specializing in writing, designing and teaching the English language. She also has a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies from Australia’s prestigious business school, Melbourne University. Besides, she also has a BA in Journalism & Literature from Deakin University, Australia. 

She constantly challenges herself to continuous professional learning. May-Ann also obtained a Diploma in Image Consulting from the Institute of Image Consultants UK, graduating with a Merit.

To sum up, May-Ann has gathered a unique mix of corporate and training experience in finance, marketing, and advertising throughout her 20-year career. 

CK Yap

Certified Trainer, Facilitator & Business Innovator

CK is an experienced career development innovator with an extensive portfolio. With experience in business development, marketing and expertise in management with key leading organizations. Amongst the clientele CK has worked with, some are big players such as Microsoft, Standard Chartered Bank, Berjaya Properties and many more.

He went from studying Accounting to gaining valuable career experiences in other areas. Now, CK has experience in Sales, Marketing and Communications, Business Development, Project Management and People Development.

Throughout his 20 year career, CK has made some remarkable achievements for:

  • Pioneering innovative business channels
  • Marketing an exclusive call centre for direct business
  • Developing a cutting edge online business portal from scratch
  • Building one of Malaysia’s fastest-growing online consumer portal

Besides, CK also heads the E-Business Development for a major insurer. Since then, he has helped their business grow their revenue to roughly RM100 million in 3 years. Consequently, CK received recognition and awards from several professional bodies. (Including the International MIDAS World Financial Services Marketing Awards, Malaysian Marketing Effectiveness Awards (EFFIES), and Promotion & Marketing Awards of Malaysia).

Kelvin Chee

Marketer, Trainer & Advertiser

Kelvin is both passionate and creative as a brand and team strategist. He also has vast experience in the Marketing and Advertising industries.

The essence of his work is to help organizations, just as he did within the past decade for many. He has helped develop their team cultures and inspire creativity in their workplace through his actionable programs.

Throughout his marketing career, he has managed international brands like Lipton, Lady’s Choice and Knorr. As a brand manager, Kelvin constantly pushes the brand to strive for differentiation, creative thinking and innovation for it to succeed.

After that, he worked at Hakuhodo Malaysia – one of Japan’s largest advertising agencies. They appointed him as the Strategic Planning Director, where he was responsible for leading brand and communication strategy development. Then he went on to complete his Master Training at Hakuhodo University. As a result, he became instrumental in training others to be creative, develop brand strategy and helped global clients such as Kao, Ajinomoto, Kia, Canon, and Toyota.

Aside from those, Kelvin is also a well sought after facilitator. As a creative and team enhancement facilitator, he has facilitated many local and multinational companies. With these programs, his clients can increase their productivity and performance on all levels.

Alex Choong

Certified Trainer, Facilitator , Consultant & Sales Coach

Alex has 25 years of experience in the ICT industry, which covered a broad range of roles. He spent his years as a developer (in programming), system analyst, project manager and service manager. He now heads the professional consultants’ team in management, consulting service sales and strategic planning.

In his work, Alex has led teams of consultants from companies. Some of which were from companies like Avnet Azure Technologies Sdn Bhd and SAS Malaysia Sdn Bhd. His credentials include a double major in Marketing Management and Computer Science from Deakin University, Australia.

Alex firmly believes that people are the greatest assets to an organisation and should be given constant development and learning opportunities. With his hands-on and people-oriented approach, Alex has coached and mentored many consultants who now have assumed leading roles in the ICT area for the Financial, Manufacturing & Distribution Industries.

Mel Leow

Leader & Trainer

With 25 years in Coaching, Management and Leadership in the Asia Pacific and a PCC Credentialed Coach with the ICF Global, Mel is driven by his call to “Empower Leaders to be Brave”. He believes that Leaders are the catalysts in transforming organizations, communities and nations.

As a key influence of Future Coaches, he is the Master Coach for the ‘Catalyst Coach Certification’, that prepares future coaches to impact the globe. Mel’s passion extends to working with young Social Entrepreneurs, which has lead him to create CATALYST, a Coaching and Leadership initiative that empowers change-agents towards greater social impact and sustainability in parts of Africa.

As a speaker, Mel has shared many international platforms in front of crowds of 100 to 1000. Last year, he was invited to be a TEDx speaker in Nigeria. In his training experience, Mel has ignited leaders and teams from top companies across the region in Banking, IT, Insurance, Telco, Publication, Education, Retail to Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Training & Development and NGOs.

Mel is also a co-author of “Bring Out Their BEST” – Inspiring a Coaching Culture at the Workplace, that features 40 Best Practice stories from organizations across the Asia Pacific Region.

Zohrab Chong

HRDF Certified Trainer

Zohrab has more than 20 years of the financial institutional industry experience, in particular the Malaysian insurance industry. His early professional career includes being a practicing lawyer, an economic trade officer with the South African High Commission and an international business development manager all before joining the financial industry.

He began his financial industry journey in insurance as a loss adjuster before moving onto claims, business excellence, performance management, coaching, organisation development, learning & development and talent management. His operational exposure and experience has enabled him to understand and speak the business language when facilitating in-house as well as external learning programs.

He also served and delivered learning programmes including train-the-trainer certification. That he gave across the region namely in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Zohrab’s experience in people management comes from managing teams of 2 to 25, working on local and regional project. He coaches and mentors his team members, in jump starting self development to achieve success. He is currently engaged as a mentor to graduating students as well.

In the area of digital transformation, while at the Bank Zohrab took charge in planning, designing and delivering the Future Ready Skills programme (first phase) within 4 months from ideation. The programme benefitted over 30,000 employees and he was instrumental in facilitating workshops that enabled the 1,100 managers to be equipped with the capability to pass on what they learned.