Communication Skills

“Communication works for those who work at it.”–– John Powell
While it’s important to possess grit, determination, and pertinacity, it’s not going to propel your business further if your team doesn’t have the necessary communication skills.

The art of communication, in order for it be fully successful, needs to be able to accurately convey ideas, suggestions, and advice. We believe that being a good communicator means that your customers and employees understand you, trust you, and believe in what you say.

Advance Presentation Skills

In the modern business world, excellent presentation skills will add a credible dimension to the leader-follower or customer-client relationship. Talented presenters not only carry a group or audience but also positively influence them.

Our course gives you a platform to demonstrate your leadership qualities, communication skills, sales ability, influence and promotion potential. Our objective is to teach you proven skills and techniques that will enable you to perform at an advanced level. We will be giving action points to sharpen your image; maximize your message and increase your credibility in the eyes of colleagues and clients.

This course is designed to help those who have some experience of making presentations to strengthen their existing skills to create a more professional impact.

Who Should Attend

  • TCEOs, Directors and Senior Managers, Sales & Marketing staff, Managers, Department Heads, Team Leaders and Supervisors, Operations, Technical and Academic team members who have at least 2 years of presentation experience and want to elevate their skills and impact to the next level.

– Stimulate and master your audience.

– Have a vibrant style and be able to captivate the attention of everyone in the room easily.

– Achieve the results you want from your presentations.

– Have your audience remember all your key messages long after your presentation.

– Eliminate your own inhibitors to delivering the ‘Maximum Impact’ presentation.

– Ooze confidence – even when the bottom is falling out of your world

– Explain the complexities of your subject

– in layman’s terms and

– in a way that retains interest

– Manage Platform mechanics – delivering your speech right, regardless the setting. e.g. Mikes, stages, lighting, PowerPoint, etc.

– Get to grips with your Body Language, eliminating detracting body language sins and developing great presence

– Set the tone, creating impact with your voice.

– Be the best speaker/presenter at a conference or event

– Baseline & Introduction

– Principles of Effective Public Speaking

– Principles of Influential Story Telling

– Presentation Practice & Coaching

– Strategizing Your Presentation & Visuals

– Audience Management

– Presenting with Influence

– Presentation Practice & Coaching

Business Intelligence Visualization

Business managers are faced with daily challenges for the need to make well inform decision. It is challenging, not because of their capability, but because of the abundance of data and information available to them from various sources, that make the process of compiling and analyzing information that leads to a well-informed decision becoming a daunting task.

What we need is to empower these managers with the best practices, process and tools to enable them to gain INSIGHTS and make sense of the information by creating Relationships between information.

So that these insights are based on Facts and Figures that formed the basis for management decision and the means to track business KPI.

Who Should Attend

Business Owners, Business Managers, Department Heads, Supervisors and those who need to collect, compile, analyze and present business information for day to day decision making.

Business Writing

This practical program focuses on applying English in the workplace. It takes the complexities out of learning the language by emphasizing the 4-language skills of reading and understanding, speaking and pronunciation, listening and responding, and writing daily business correspondences.

The application is then built into the 3 ‘S’ : Speech – Sale – Service for workplace based English. Emphasis is centred on business phrases and communication with customers and clients.

Who Should Attend

For staff who disseminate company information internally, and externally with customers and clients.

By the end of this dynamic yet practical course, you will be able to:-

– develop usable, relevant business writing skills

– use the most effective language for your reader

– speak and write English with confidence; ask questions effectively and respond to customer inquiries

Speech: Spoken & Written

  • – Speaking
  • – Speaking Application
  • – What is Business Writing?
  • – Writing: Who is my reader?
  • – Writing: Mastering grammar



  • – Practice a STAR Attitude
  • – Listening Skills
  • – Asking Questions that Sell



  • Enhancing Customer Service Excellence

Exceptional Presentation Skills

In spite of all of the emphasis today on doing business at a distance via phone, cell phone, email, Internet and fax, there are still some things that work better face to face.

In that category we must place presentations of all types: staff meetings, board meetings, sales meetings, team meetings, investor’s forum, you name it – when you must inform key decision makers efficiently and effectively, there is no substitute for a compelling presentation.

Unfortunately, many of us are intimidated at the idea of getting up in front of a group, especially with important decisions on the line. It doesn’t have to be this way.

This workshop provides you with the tools you need to deliver highly effective presentations with confidence and style, including all the basics – projection, enunciation, posture, etc. But we also help you to develop the 1-2-3 punch of content, tone of voice and body language that is the secret of professional speakers and journalists. We even help you understand different personality types and what each type is unconsciously listening for.

Who Should Attend:

Executives, Sales People, Marketing Professionals, Business Owners, People Managers, Customer Service Specialist and anyone who wants to communicate & present effectively in small or large groups.

– Conquer stage fright & think on your feet

– Organize your thoughts quickly, effectively, and logically

– Create and present visuals that clarify your message

– Incorporate visual aids

– Learn and practice the physical skills of presenting

– Analyze your audience so your message has maximum impact

– Deliver a concise point of view on the spot

– Get buy-in from decision- makers

– Move small or large groups to action

– Manage hostile questions

– Handle audience pressure

– Baseline & Introduction

– Principles of Effective Public Speaking

– Handling ad-hoc presentations

– Physical Skills: Nervousness

– Physical Skills: Holding Attention

– Strategizing Your Presentation

– Strategizing Your Presentation

– Presenting with Visuals

– Using Psychology to enhance your presentation effectiveness

– Application of High-impact presentations relevant to your marketplace

High Impact Workplace Communication

Learn why successful work relationships help build successful careers!

In today’s complex business environment, you have to build successful work relationships and interact with people in a positive way to achieve your organizational goals. Now, discover the basic competencies critical to solid work relationships—and career success.

The first step in building better work relationships is to become aware of the differences among people—and to be willing to accept these differences as a positive force within an organization. And it all starts with you. This seminar will prepare you to create better work relationships by becoming a “conscious communicator.” You’ll return to work better able to build constructive and beneficial work relationships by learning how to analyze situations and consciously select and use productive communication strategies.

Who Should Attend:

Executives, Managers, inter-department executives and anyone who wants to be a better communicator to enhance working relationship for better performance and happier experience.

– Build better rapport and gain the trust of your colleagues

– Discover the basic competencies critical to solid work relationships

– Develop flexibility in actions, thoughts and feelings to better handle any situation

– Avoid mistakes and conflicts that may result from misinterpreting others or ineffective listening

– Influence and motivate others to first-rate performance

– Learn how to use direct and indirect messages accurately

– Build your self-esteem as you discover a new self-awareness

– Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in your work relationships

– Understand values, beliefs, attitudes and perceptual processes

– Understand emotions and how they translate into emotional intelligence

– Master the keys to excellent communication: observe, listen, analyze, plan, communicate

– Baseline & Introduction

– Effective Work Relationships

– Communication and Perceptions

– Investigating Emotions and Emotional Intelligence

– Building Better Relationships with Ourselves and Others

– Relationship Building

– Relational Communication

– Relational Listening

– Addressing Relational Change and Conflict

Influencing without Formal Authority

Many think leadership is a position or title; others think leadership is dictatorship; still others think that leadership is a trait you must be born with. Having a positive leadership effect doesn’t require a title, formal power, or formal authority. Some of the best leadership comes from within the organizations from people without formal authority. Leadership is all about influencing people around you to be on your side, and everyone can influence and learn how to become influential. When you are able to have a better understanding of yourself, others and the context of the environment, you will be able to use the knowledge to have better influence over self and others.

Far too much time, energy, and money pours down the drain these days in organizations, as young leaders have not been taught how to ‘cope’ in such fast changing times with influence challenges such as resolving conflict and differences of opinion, selling ideas, motivating, giving direction, competing for resources and negotiating. Young leaders with limited influence skills are restricted in their ability to deal with these issues effectively.

In this workshop, we will empower your organization’s executives to embrace the key principles of Influencing without Formal Authority to achieve their business objectives while maintaining positive working relationships.

Who Should Attend

  • Executives, management trainees and anyone who needs to influence another party to get to the desired results.

– Learn how to adopt a proactive approach, optimize resources and be self-driven to achieve results

– Realizing your self confident and self empowerment

– Understanding their individual Color Brain Assessment profile associated strengths and development opportunities in influencing various people types

– Becoming aware of the various types of group and how to counter them with the right strategies

– Learning the art of building winning relationship

– Preparing adequately before entering the negotiation process

– Devising and recognizing options for mutual gain for a win-win solutions

– Using the power of influence when negotiating

– Delineating clear action steps that both parties understand

– Succeeding in Changing World

– Understanding the Needs Cycle Matrix in order to influence with Power

– A positive approach to winning relationship

– Listening : Getting the whole picture

– Preparing to think on your feet

– Dealing with the unexpected

– Moving through stalemates

– Handling Resistance

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