How to Ensure Your L&D Program Isn’t Part of Learning ‘Scrap’

By Andie Phoon, Strategic and Digital Marketing Lead

July 3rd, 2020

Student is learning new material

In today’s business world, there are two indisputable facts: 


1) Businesses and industry are constantly ever-evolving 

2) The competition continues to expand and globalize markets. 

In order for businesses to keep up with their competition, they must “learn faster than the competition” as a way of gaining the upper hand.

As a result, businesses have created their own corporate training departments to help them bridge the gap and acquire a competitive advantage in their industry. Unfortunately, rather than becoming “indispensable” to organizations and its leaders, training is now seen as something that’s nice to have, and not something that’s needed. In fact, around 50 percent of managers believe that “shutting down the L&D function would have no impact on employee performance”. 

It’s clear that training initiatives are failing to help managers realize their full potential in strategic contribution, as the training has now become learning ‘scrap’. 

Throw it in the waste paper basket or office bin

Perhaps that sounds familiar? Scrap learning, a term coined by KnowledgeAdvisors, refers to content or training material that is learned but never applied. 

As an HR manager or a business owner, have you experienced the struggle that comes with scrap learning? Maybe it’s been difficult to determine whether your employees are truly getting the most out of the training, or maybe you’re noticing a trend of employees reverting back to old ways? 

Perhaps you’re just looking for a way to determine whether your program will be practical and powerful enough to avoid learning scrap.  

“Learning scrap is a costly outcome of non-transferable training,”
– Ray Phoon
6Ds Master Trainer and Business Transformation Expert.

How to Assess Your Program’s Effectiveness

PowerUpSuccess Group has spent the last 15 years consulting and developing highly effective training programs for businesses and professionals to help turn learning into business results. 

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Over the course of working and partnering with many different companies in various industries, we’ve compiled our expertise and experience to produce a free comprehensive assessment tool, in collaboration with The 6Ds Company,  that helps determine your training program’s effectiveness. Our tool is designed to help you or your business’ prepare your program as a means to deliver results efficiently and cost-effectively. 

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